Do It Yourself Crown Molding Angle Charts and Tables

Discover how easy it is to install crown molding and trim yourself like a PRO!

If you are a novice do-it-yourselfer you will be amazed how simple it is to cut and install crown molding and trim. Our proven charts and tables will provide every miter and/or blade tilt angle you will ever need to make the perfect cut.  Stop making firewood out of your expensive crown molding or trim.  Master any compound miter angle.

Brief descriptions of our CompoundMiter™ angle charts and tables are provided below. The application you have will determine which are best suited for you. 

Complete instructions along with many examples and pictures are in our new 2nd edition book, Crown Molding & Trim, Install It Like A PRO!.  All of these crown molding angle chart charts and tables are in our new book.

Compound Miter Chart©

Compound Miter Chart is for cutting all crown molding (regardless of the crown spring angle) using a compound miter saw with the crown molding lying flat and face up.  This chart is often needed when installing crown on a cathedral ceiling.  See Chapter 5 for complete details.


Crown Molding Table©

Crown molding Table is for cutting 52°/38° (38° spring angle) and 45°/45° (45° spring angle) crown molding using a compound miter saw.  Place the crown lying flat and face up on your saw.   See Chapter 4 for complete details.


Miter Table

Miter Table is for cutting trim (baseboards, char rails, etc.) with a miter saw or compound miter saw.  You can also cut crown molding but, you must have the crown molding propped up against the saw fence.  See Chapter 3 for complete details.


Flowerpots & Birdhouse Chart

Flowerpots & Birdhouse Chart is for of multisided , flowerpots, birdhouses or gazebos with 3 to 20 sides and wall/roof slope angle 0° to 90°.