Build Any Flowerpot You Wish

Chapter 15 - Decorative Flowerpots provides detailed information on how you can build any shape or size you want.

With the information contained in our new book, you will be able to build any size or shape flowerpot you would like.

Discover how easy it is to build any size flowerpot you wish, 3" to 3' & up. With our proven Compound Miter Products, you will easily be able to obtain the information you need for great results.  Easy & Simple.  We show you how!  Master any compound miter angle. 

This 41" flowerpot with 12 sides is detailed step-by-step from start to finish in Chapter 15 of our new book.

20 sides & 8 sides

Sample Project

As an example, lets build an 8-sided, 12" size, 60-degree wall angle , 5" high, flowerpot. (see Farm Fresh above)