Crown Molding Template Set

Product Code: 1012

The template set consists of eight individual plastic templates, set of plastic water proof decals, 12" long #6 beaded chain with connector and instructions. The template set is for all horizontal turns, vertical turns and cathedral/vaulted ceiling turns for both inside and outside corners.


Without a template set as a guide, you will most likely cut your crown incorrectly.  Crown molding cuts are very confusing.  The crown molding template set removes all of the confusion by showing you each time how to align your saw. 

Our Crown Molding & Trim Book has detailed instructions on how to make a full set of templates.  If you are a novice do-it-yourselfer, the templates are a must and will prevent you from cutting your crown molding incorrectly.

To use the template set, simply place the correct template on your saw and adjust the miter and bevel setting obtained from the Crown Molding Table in the direction to match the template.

You can also use the templates when using a miter saw (blade will not tilt).  Just place the template upside down with the bottom of the crown molding template propped up against the fence for horizontal turns or place bottom of template on the saw table for vertical turns.

In this example, we are cutting a horizontal outside corner, left-hand piece.  For this corner, place the template on your saw and rotate the miter counterclockwise and tilt the blade to the left.  Most saws will only tilt to the left, but some of the newer models will tilt in both directions.  Just adjust the saw to match the template and you can't go wrong. 


Once you have aligned your saw according to the template, place your crown molding on your saw exactly as the template was positioned.  Get the miter and blade tilt angles using the measured corner angle and the appropriate charts or tables.  Make the perfect cut each and every time.