Angles for Crown Molding: The Original True Angle® Tool

The World's Fastest & Easiest Crown Molding Angle Measuring Tool!

The True Angle® Tool replaces every triangle, protractor, try square, bevel square, rafter square, framing square, combination square, or any other angle making template presently manufactured anywhere in the world.

The True Angle® Tool is essential for installing Crown Molding & Trim.

Do not assume that those corners are 90 Deg. Measure the angle and cut the crown to fit.

It is very common in most construction for corners to vary +/- 3 deg. Your crown molding will not fit perfectly if the corner measures 87 degrees and you cut the crown molding assuming the corner to be 90 degrees.

All Sizes

Personal Use Contractor Grade
Pocket Size - 7", $7.95
30" True Angle Tool, $54.95
Folder Size - 12", $12.95
36" True Angle Tool, $66.95
Desk Size - 18", $16.95
48" True Angle Tool, $99.95
Shop Size - 23", $21.95
60" True Angle Tool, $132.95
24" Heavy Duty, $44.95
72" True Angle Tool, $175.95
96" True Angle Tool, $219.95

Related Packages

Standard Value Pack (set of 4)


Pocket Size   7" (free)
Folder Size   12"
Desk Size   18"  (min. size recommended for crown molding & trim)*
Shop Size   23"

Take advantage and order the set of 4 True Angle® Tools -- 12" , 18", 23", Get the 7" tool free.  The larger tools for better accuracy, and the shorter tool for those short corners that the longer tools will not fit.


Contractor Value Pack (set of 4)

Best tool set for crown molding & trim.


Pocket Size   7" (free)
Folder Size   12"
Desk Size   18"  (minimum size recommended for crown molding & trim)*
Contractor Heavy Duty 24"

Upgrade the above Standard Value Pack to our Contractors Value Pack. This packages substitues the 23" tool for the Crown Molding/Trim Special  24" (Heavy duty, Contractor Grade).


Related Accessories

Attachable 4" & 7" dials have larger numbers for easier reading and larger diameters for greater accuracy. The attachable dials are great when using the True Angle® Tool as a layout tool for sketching, drafting, angle transfer, pattern design, etc.

Note: The attachable accessory dials are not normally used on the smaller True Angle® tools when measuring inside and outside corners for crown molding and trim. Use of the dials on the tools for crown molding and trim requires spacer blocks to hold the tool blades parallel to the wall. This is common practice with the 36” and larger True Angle® tools and a must for the 72” and 96” tools when installing items such as cabinets.

4" Dial

The 4" dial fits all tools in the Best Value Tool Pack -- 7", 12", 18", & 23" True Angle® Tool .


7" dial

The 7" dial fits the 24" Crown Molding/Trim Special heavy-duty contractor grade tool. The 7" dial also fits the 30", 36", 48" , & 60" Tools.